Ethical principles and rules of conduct when carrying out mediation for international adoptions that are obligatory for the members and individuals, working for the Association “Childhood Without Borders”

     I.        BASICS

1.     These rules determine the ethical rules of conduct for the members and individuals, working for the Association “Childhood Without Borders”/The Association/.

2.     The aim of these rules is building a general administrative culture throughout the members and staff of the Association and acquiring professional ethical behavior in their work.

3.     The rules of conduct are mandatory and every member or staff of the Association is required to follow them.


1.     All members and staff of the Association are obliged to:

·         Have moral qualities, training and experience in the field of services related to mediation in regards to international adoption;

·         Not be working in a specialized institution or social service of a residential type for children or in a territorial division of the Agency for Social Assistance.

·         When carrying out their activities in the Association, to use their rights and obligations in good faith and to be loyal and respectful to the customers.

·         Not disclose any facts and circumstances, that they were made aware of through or because of the activities of the Association they are carrying out or have carried out in the past. When ceasing work for the Association, they are not freed of the obligation to comply with the professional secrecy, related to their activities in the Association.

·         Not have any relatives, working in institutions and organizations, related to international adoption.

2.     Members and staff of the Association are to constantly improve their professional qualification and personal competence, to be informed of any changes in legislation, related to their activities, to increase their knowledge and skills, required by their position, through different forms of learning and self-training, to develop their level of professionalism in terms of carrying out their main duties.


1.     The behavior of members and individuals, working for the Association, should be guided by the following principles:

·         Legality - complying with the international legal acts, laws and regulations;

·         Loyalty – working towards the interest of the Association and other colleagues;

·         Honesty – to have honesty and responsibility in all activities carried out;

·         Impartiality – should not allow their actions be guided by personal bias or grudge;

·         Responsibility – to be guided by responsibility and the importance of the undertaken functions they are carrying out.

·         Ban on discrimination – In any actions taken, they can not discriminate based on gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, citizenship, origin, religion, education, beliefs, political affiliation, personal or social status, age, sexual orientation, marital status, pecuniary status or any other features, specified in a law or an international treaty, in which Republic of Bulgaria is taking part.


1.     In their activity the members and staff, working for the Association, should be guided solely by the legislation with the aim of defending the interest of the adoptive candidates and the child being adopted.

In regards to the children:

·         Should base their activities on modern knowledge about child development and should know the individual characteristics of every child.

·         Should understand and respect the uniqueness and potential of every child.

·         To support the child`s right of free speech in terms of any topics and interests it has.

In regards to the adoptive candidates:

·         To respect the dignity of any family as well as their culture, customs, language and beliefs.

·         To inform the family about anything, related to the child (especially in regards to the child`s health condition);

·         To inform the family about the way the child is raised and educated.

·         Not to use the relations with the family for any personal benefit.

2.     If a conflict arises between the interest of the child and that of the adoptive candidates, to work in interest of the child, fully and fairly informing the adoptive candidates about the supremacy of the child`s interest over their own.

3.     Members and individuals, working for the Association are obliged to support and aid the public authorities when carrying out their duties.

4.     Members and individuals, working for the Association are to work towards improving the cooperation and relations between the different state institutions and non-governmental organizations, that are related to adoption proceedings.

5.     To build and maintain relations of respect, trust, cooperation and collegiality, towards their colleagues in the Association, other non-governmental organizations and state and municipal services. To not undermine their dignity, to not cause any conflict and not violate any of their rights and legitimate interests.

6.     To not allow in their work place any behavior, incompatible with morals and good manners.

7.     To not allow any financial or other dependency, that can affect the impartial, professional and unprejudiced accomplishment of their professional duties.



The present ethical principles and rules of conduct when carrying out mediation for international adoption, mandatory for any member or individual working for the Association “Childhood Without Borders”, have been adopted at a meeting of the Management Board of the Association “Childhood Without Borders” on 18.12.2014.

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