We are living in a world, in which we try to change, restrict and control. We create boundaries for ourselves and others. Childhood is that period of human life we all come through, that has no boundaries. For us childhood has no borders, because the language we speak does not depend on the place you were born, but the time in which we are communicating. There are no limits for any child`s smile or tear when they are shared. During the period in which we learn how to walk, we also understand the meaning of the words love, support, affection and protection by loved ones. They become our memory and with them we create memories. With them we create a future, which starts today.

When we help create a family, we donate happiness, smiles and make people`s happiness possible. When gathering human fates under the same roof, we make their destiny shared and their love – a reality. Not everybody can bestow life, but everybody can receive the warmth of children`s hugs.

    We cannot change the past, but can be a part of the present and future of a childhood without borders. This for us is our profession, duty and responsibility.



 “Childhood without borders”


    Association-organization for community service “CHILDHOOD WITHOUT BORDERS” is registered with a decision of the Sofia city court from 05.09.2003 №8707/2003. ”. It has been registered with the Central register for Ministry of justice of the Bulgarian republic as per art. 45 par. 1 of the Law for non-profit legal entities.

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